Monday, July 30, 2012


You ever go through boxes or storage bins of items you've had for years and wonder why the hell you have them???

Well that has been me the past few days. I loaded a bunch of stuff into my downstairs closet and decided it needed to be sorted finally. I've gone through boxes that I don't think have been sorted for at least 10 years? What the hell! I've found stuff I never realized I had and so far have tossed two, huge boxes of basic junk out. I'm sure there are at least two more boxes of crap I'll get out of this closet. Bad news is I still have a closet full of crapola upstairs too. Baby steps I guess... baby steps

I swear I'm not a hoarder, but one could really argue that point with me based on some of the garbage I've kept over the years. Time to jettison the garbage and no more excuses!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Gym

Its just time. I look at myself and wonder at what point did I lose control of this? Well yesterday was the first in what will be many trips to the gym in my future. Why? Well reason number 1 is I need to get healthy and lose weight so I can be around for my family and loved ones. Reason 2 is I am not happy with myself the way I am right now and I need to take steps to change that. And finally reason 3 is that I'll be spending the rest of my life with a slightly younger woman and I need to be able to "keep up with her", so to speak ;)

At the gym last night, I was once again smacked with the harsh reality that I am not in my early 20s anymore. Not only am I a lot weaker than I used to be due to inactivity and laziness, but I just can't do some of the stuff I used to be able to do for various reasons. I remember when I first joined Gold's and the free training session I got, the trainer suggested circuit training for a few months just to get my muscles accustomed to working out again while also providing the cardio benefit. I nodded, thanked him for the workout and then proceeded to try to do things like I had 10 years or so earlier. What the heck did this kid know, right? I realized yesterday that maybe that guy wasn't so crazy. In the shape that I am in, I can't do 4-6 exercises per body part else I'll never move a day or two after working out. I also really need to get my son into working out and I think this circuit training idea will be the way to go for both of us. I plan to stick to it, even if he chooses not to for whatever reason.

I had a real nice workout last night. Elliptical in the beginning, shooting around in the gym afterwards, then a few random exercises for legs and shoulders since I decided I'd start this circuit training thing the next day. But as I looked around the gym, I noticed some things that maybe I was just too focused 10-15 years ago to see. Here are some oddities that I found really... odd yesterday:

1. Two "kids" were walking into the workout area holding hands. I like to think of myself as a romantic, but are you freaking kidding me? You're here to workout, this isn't a stroll at the effing mall. I just really laughed at that one. I'm the type that wants to go in, work out, and leave. I'm not there to be a social butterfly or any bullshit like that.

2. There was this guy who actually had "done" his hair for the gym, with styling crap and the whole deal. What guy does that shit? I did a double take as he passed in front of the machine I was sitting on and thinking "Why the hell this guy looked like he was better suited in a dance club than working out." Definitely shook my head at that one. I still am actually.

3. I just found it amusing seeing the various "types" of people there. I could see the people that were there to be serious and work out, the ones that were there trying to get laid or draw attention to themselves, the folks obviously were coming to the gym for the first few times, and a good number of people who fell somewhere in a combination of those categories. Nothing wrong with any of them, I guess because I had my headphones in, was really focused and rarely paid any attention to people in the gym before.

Well I think that is enough for now. It is way too late/early for me and I am probably not making sense at this point.

I'm glad that I've finally decided to make this commitment to make the gym part of my daily routine and hope that I will stick with it this time.

Thanks for reading :)

Trying to write, again

Wow, this started out as such a grand idea. Thus far though, I haven't done nearly as much as I had hoped. I'm going to try to fix that and intend to write as potential blog ideas hit, hopefully daily. Anyways... on with the show ;)