Friday, June 3, 2011

The NBA is fixed and I HATE the Heat

I preface this post/rant with the fact that this is solely my opinion and while I believe it to be true, I could be wrong…

After watching Game 1, I come away practically convinced that the NBA is a fixed sport. David Stern and the other NBA higher ups want Miami to win so they all don't end up with egg on their face from the big "announcement" and all the hoopla surrounding it. To make matters worse, the announcers for last night's game were so incredibly biased and praise filled for the Heat. I'm not a Dallas fan, but my gosh, you'd think that the Heat were the best thing to come around since sliced bread. I thought at some point it would stop and they would go back to being the normal, unbiased announcers like they should be. These weren’t the local, hometown station announcers. These were the national television network announcers and they were talking the Heat up like they were Gods. It really disgusted me to say the least. Almost to the point of not watching and I do think for the next game, if I watch it, that I will watch with the sound off and look for a radio broadcast to listen to with the game. I am sincerely hoping I am wrong and that this turns out to be a fair series where the better team wins. But after last night and Dallas literally just falling apart near the end of the third and most of the fourth quarter, it makes me wonder. Perhaps it was just rust from being off, I guess we shall see in the next game. This situation reminds me of how I used to hate the CBS announcers for the Lakers/Celtics finals in the 80s. I'd turn off the sound on the tv and listen to Chick Hearn instead as I was a Lakers' fan at the time since I lived in Los Angeles.

Don't get me wrong, the "Small Three" are talented, well actually "Small Two" because I don't count Bosh as anything more than an overrated role player. If he's so talented, where did he lead the Raptors for the years he played with them? I really can't stand him. I really enjoyed the times Shaq would verbally shoot barbs at him, he deserves them all. D.Wade? I can't say much about him. I like and respect him. He's a great player and not an arrogant, flamboyant ass like a good portion of the players nowadays. Speaking of an arrogant ass, I save the worst/best for last. Lebron. In all honesty, him and his "talents" can go fuck themselves. I can't argue the man has talent and is one of the best players in the league, but he has to be the most arrogant SOB I've seen in a long time in professional sports. Think back, there have been many players before him who where "The guy" of their time period and none of them has been nearly the ass that he is. Dr. J? Magic? Bird? Jordan? No, those guys had class. Perhaps they talked a lot of crap on the court, but off the court and interviews, they weren't the huge A-hole that Lebron is. I sincerely hope the Heat fail and I have hoped for this their whole big announcement. The Celtics messed up by trading Perkins, else I might not even be writing this today since I do not think they would have gotten past the Celtics if they had a tough, inside presence that Perkins gave them.

I can only hope that the NBA is truly a competitive sport and not the fixed, money mongering machine it looks like. If the Heat win, this may be the end of me watching NBA basketball. All it will prove is money can buy championships and that three individual "superstars" weren't good enough on their own to win by themselves. 

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