Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Quest To Being Healthy Begins Anew

As I've mentioned in a few posts, I've tried to diet unsuccessfully since I moved out of the house back in May of last year. I lacked the proper motivation... apparently... until now.

I was given a huge motivational push and perhaps a sign from God on this past Saturday afternoon regarding my overall health, my weight and lack of losing it. Some may even look at it as the proverbial 2 x 4 to the side of the head, in the hopes of knocking some sense into me. In any case...

I had taken my son and little one to see Captain America, outstanding movie by the way. As we were walking out of the theater, we to got the bottom of the stairs and my daughter says to me "Daddy, you need to go play more". I looked at her thinking what the heck could she be talking about so I asked, "What do you mean baby?" Her reply "Daddy, you need to go play so your belly can be smaller." I looked at her again, wondering where the heck this came from. My son remarked "Wow, that was mean!" I disagreed completely. My little one is almost 4-1/2 years old and is not capable of malice, I KNOW my little girl. It really got me to thinking about my weight, my future, and her future.

What have I taken away from this? I take a few things from it actually.

  1. It is definitely time for me to get off my ass and fully commit to losing the weight I need to in order to be healthy.
  2. My little girl really loves me and wants me to be around.
  3. I also believe its God's little way of nudging me in the direction of getting back on a proper diet and exercise program.

I know what I need to do, have the tools to do it and have been paying for a gym membership that is way underutilized. With these things in mind, I am hoping that this is the final push I need to stick with this 17 Day Diet or at least and the exercise plan I've devised for myself. Only time will tell, but I believe that its time to do something about it now, as I really want to be around to see my little one get married and experience the joy of being a grandfather.

Its time...

That’s all for now.

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