Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sleep, why has thou forsaken me???

The past month or so, save for a few days here and there, I have been unable to sleep through the whole night. Friends have a number of theories: Sleep Apnea, Anxiety, No Sex, Medications, etc.  I honestly don't know. I have sleeping pills, but am reluctant to take them as I've read and been told they get to be addictive... to the point of not being able to sleep without them. I DO NOT need that. So here I am, up at 4am and wondering WTF!  So far I've been able to knock off a couple of theories but am really to the point of having to give up and go in for another sleep test. This time with that dreaded CPAP machine. Before I do that, however, I am going to attempt to lose weight as that should ease the snoring/sleep apnea... to an extent anyways. If that doesn't work, then I guess I will have to look into it. I tried the nose strips... nothing. I don't even see how they help athletes. I mean really, if your nasal passages are that closed, you must have some sort of issue.

Anyways, just a short post but relevant to why I'm up so damn early! Have a good day!


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